DIY Drain Projects

Drain issues are one of the most common plumbing issues anyone will encounter.

Greg demonstrates how to clean and unclog drains without the use of chemicals or fancy tools, and offers some insight and advice on septic tanks in the Frequently Unasked Questions below.

Clearing a bathtub drain

Whether it's hair, or toys, the bathtub drain is a common clog. See how to easily and effectively unclog it without chemicals or damaging the plumbing. more...

Clearing a clogged clogged sink drain

One of the most common plumbing issues we all face. See how to do it with out chemicals.

Fixing a smelly shower

You may not notice it, but your guests will! Eliminate the buildup on the shower drain.


Glossary items for Drains

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Frequently UNasked Questions

  • Septic Tank Maintenance: Why Pump it Out?